About Us

Get to know Made With Rose.
If you find yourself reading this it is because your probably new here, hey hi my name is Cindy & this is my shop. I started this little store in 2017 a little after my daughter Madeleine Rose was born, hence the name. When she was in my womb, we would go to the doctors and every ultrasound tech would tell us she had a head full of hear. I underestimated the amount of hair my child would be born with. Fast Forward 8 months my baby had hair that reaching her eyes and that's when I needed to find a solution to keep it from poking her hair that's when I got sucked into the craze of hair bows I noticed how expensive these bows were and how simply made they were so I decided to make my own and thats when madewithrose was born.
Growing up we would spend a lot of time with my grandparents & being that there was no internet, phones, cable. All we had were our toys, coloring books & imagination we would play until we were all bored of doing the same thing over and over again. I would notice my grandmother at the table with her sewing machine wondering what she was doing or why she was doing. I remember she noticed my curiosity and asked if I wanted to learn. She started to show me the basics by making a rag doll from fabrics laying around the house. & up until now I haven't stopped sewing.
Now that Madeleine is here i am a stay at home mom. So something that started as a hobby ended up being my little part time job and helps stay with  Rose while i work from home. It is not easy but i love it! So thank you for buying from MWR. Youd be Surprise to know that Rose actually does help when she finds herself under my work table and decided to push the step. The extra stitches are from her loving hand. Thank you again!!
- Made With Rose